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Chef Owner Alessandro Riccobono

Meet Chef Alessandro Riccobono, Executive Chef & Owner - born in Palermo, Sicily to a family of chefs and restaurateurs, Alessandro graduated Culinary School in 2004 and headed straight to London, England where he honed his skills in fine dining, learning techniques and rising up the ranks in some of London’s most famous kitchens. Having arrived in Vancouver in 2012, Chef Alessandro was hired as a Head Chef at Trafalgar’s Bistro in Kitsilano and following that he went to open his first bar-restaurant ‘The Hide’ at the Bentall Centre. He is also the British Columbia Delegate for the A.P.C.I. - Association of Professional Italian Chefs.

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About Mangia Cucina & Bar

Mangia Cucina & Bar is cozy, casual & authentically Italian, situated in a converted heritage house in beautiful Mount Pleasant in Vancouver, BC. 

‘Mangia Cucina & Bar’ is the culmination of years of hard work and focus, where Chef Alessandro can now showcase his love for regional Italian cuisine, cook some of his favorite pasta and share his recipes with the local community. Chef Alessandro's vision is to bring the tastes of his childhood from Italy to Vancouver, while adding his own interpretation.


The menu at Mangia Cucina & Bar takes an inspiration from one of the oldest, most varied, and best-loved cuisines of Europe, at once frugal and extravagant, robustly simple yet handsomely ornate. For twenty-five centuries the people of Sicily have been creating what is perhaps the basic cuisine of Europe - in the heart of the Mediterranean, influenced by the West & the East, blessed with fertile soil and a beneficent climate. Chef Riccobono uses his skills to survey the bounty of the Italian table, weaving local ingredients in a wonderfully appetizing presentation, reminiscing the warm Sicilian sunshine of his hometown.

To complete the ultimate Italian experience in Vancouver, our Manager Enrico Bordin has curated for us a great selection of regional Italian wines, liquors and cocktails.

In 2020 Mangia Cucina & Bar became one of the very few restaurants in Vancouver to be awarded the international quality seal 'Ospitalita Italiana' by the Italian government. Each year members of the Italian Chamber of Commerce inspect qualifying Italian restaurants abroad, thus guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of Italian products and services offered to patrons.


Private Events


Currently, Mangia Cucina & Bar is expecting further instructions from the local authorities before we can start booking parties again!

We will be updating this information accordingly.

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Cosy, Casual & Authentically Italian




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